Yoann Barbet: “Vital was there and he gave a big shout at halftime!”

Hero of the evening in Périgueux against Trélissac, Yoann Barbet returned to this striking qualification of the Girondins with a Vital Nsimba… again decisive:

“The first half was catastrophic. There is no other word for it. No intensity, no duel won, no game. We conceded a very nice goal even if it is a little offside but we can’t complain about that, we were so bad. The second goal comes on an error and we really get into trouble. At half-time, Vital was there and he gave a good shout. We wanted to do honor to the coat of arms because it was inadmissible to lose against Trélissac. We came back with better intentions. We came back to score in a logical way. Rafal also made a great save at 2-2. I also scored this goal in the last minute that gives us the win and that’s cool!”

“I try to play my role. I’m the captain. I have to pull the group up but the whole team reacted. For example, I’m happy for Aliou who opened his goal counter.”

Transcription made by us

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