Xbox offers a better deal to PlayStation for Call of Duty | Xbox One

Although Microsoft publicly refers to mobile games as a bigger stake than Call of Duty, this license obviously remains key for the future of the Xbox brand if the takeover of Activision Blizzard King is validated next year. Today, the New York Times tells us that Microsoft has proposed a new offer to Sony.

A historic takeover under historic pressure

In an article published today, the
New York Times traces the latest information made available in the context of this historic takeover.

This specifies that sixteen governments must approve the purchase, which subjects Microsoft to the strongest regulatory pressure since the antitrust battles of the 1990s. As we specified on Xboxygen, three in-depth investigations have been launched in several countries. which are the United States, the European Union and Great Britain.

Microsoft President Brad Smith said the takeover wouldn’t have garnered so much interest had it been announced four years ago. He fears, in his words, that if an “easy” deal such as this fails to be approved, then more difficult acquisitions will have even less chance of being approved.

While the agreement was approved by the authorities in Saudi Arabia and at BrazilMicrosoft expects Serbia to validate it shortly.

Microsoft offers a better deal to PlayStation

It is recalled that if the deal is not made, Microsoft will have to pay Activision up to 3 billion dollars in compensation. The stakes are therefore high for Microsoft, which would then offer itself many prestigious licenses to always make its Game Pass offer more attractive.

Microsoft had already said in January that Call of Duty would remain on PlayStation and again recently confirmed that as long as there are PlayStation consoles, Call of Duty will stay on it. However, Sony still did not seem confident and we learn today that Microsoft would have gone even further recently.

According to the New York Times, Microsoft offered Sony a 10-year deal on November 11 to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation. But the newspaper also specifies that Sony refused to comment on this offer, so we do not know what happened to this proposal for the moment.

Basically, Sony fears not only that the Call of Duty license will end up being removed from PlayStation, but also that Call of Duty games will benefit from particular advantages by passing under the Microsoft banner. The latter, however, indicated that this would not be the case and that the games would remain identical. On the other hand, and if the agreement is confirmed, Call of Duty will release Day One in the Xbox Game Pass, and this is undoubtedly Microsoft’s biggest asset in this agreement, the one that scares Sony the most.

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