World Cup. Quentin Fillon Maillet out of the top 10, Martin Ponsiluoma signs his first victory over the individual Kontiolahti

Fabien Claude: “Good form on the skis but we couldn’t do anything”.

Fabien Claude (9th at 2’07”5, 18/20 shooting): “When I crossed the line, I was happy. The physical sensations were pretty decent. We talked about it with the guys, we lost time as the laps progressed. It’s a bit disappointing. Today we were in good shape on the skis but we couldn’t do anything”.

Emilien Jacquelin (28th at 3’59”8, 16/20): »I’m not going to do a review. It allows me to see what works for me. I’ve been trying to be calmer for a while now, to temper my overconfidence and doubt. Despite the errors at the start of the course, I did my best to rectify it in the middle of the race, it shows that I am progressing. On the skis I felt good even though we didn’t have the best skis on the circuit. On 20 terminals it is paid cash. I’m not worried.

For shooting it’s not a question of confidence but rather of humility. I know that in terms of shooting it’s a management of calm, to stay on my job, to stay in what I know how to do. Because in training I have no worries. What is missing is naturalness in the work. Accepting what I do is fine. Today, the first shots were tense. It is played in states of mind and not in technique.

I don’t think there is anything to be worried about. We see that Fabien and I are still present on the ski times despite the optimization of the equipment. Quentin, despite his first shot, rectifies the notch behind. We are ready, we know it. The last time we came to Kontio, we had trouble getting started and from Hochfilzen, all of a sudden the season was launched. The Swedes like this course, the Norwegians are always in good shape very early on, we just have to stay the course, keep confidence in ourselves, in our abilities and keep working”.

Collected by Jérôme DECHÊNE in Kontiolahti

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