World Cup 2022: “Serious concussion” for the goalkeeper of Iran

He had left his family staggering, barely standing. Barely ten minutes of play in the first match of Group B, England-Iran, and Iranian goalkeeper Alireza Beiranvand, on a fairly innocuous action, hits his defender Majid Hosseini head-on, on an aerial exit. After spending several minutes on the ground, his nose and shirt bloodied, the goalkeeper of Persepolis gets up and tries to take his place on the ground, still a little sounded. A minute later, at most, he finally asked for the change in the 20th minute of the game, completely dazed by the shock. The verdict of his injury was pending.

At first, the head of Iranian communication mentioned a broken nose. But in a press conference, at the end of the meeting, Coach Carlos Queiroz gave a much heavier diagnosis: “According to medical information and that of the referee of the meeting, they could not stop the bleeding of the player. It had to do with his broken nose. Unfortunately, the player couldn’t continue and suffered a severe concussion. »

“A doubt between the broken nose and the concussion”

The Portuguese technician also explained that his player was heading to the hospital “for a more in-depth examination”. The Iran coach was also asked about the length of the interruption, which resulted in 14 minutes of additional time, and the player’s desire to resume play before finally stopping: “When we were ready to make the substitution, he stopped bleeding, so we thought he could continue. This is why the delay occurred. There was a doubt between the broken nose and the concussion. »

The management of his injury and the lack of foresight of the Iranian staff have been strongly criticized. Alireza Beiranvand is expected to be out for Iran’s next meeting against Wales.

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