“Working with Ridley Scott is the most extraordinary school”

Passing through Marrakech for the International Film Festival, Tahar Rahim spoke about his next film “Napoleon”, directed by Ridley Scott.

We can already imagine the incredible cast of “Napoleon” on the red carpet of the next Cannes Film Festival. The filming of the new Ridley Scott film, scheduled for 2023, has been completed. Joaquin Phoenix, Vanessa Kirby, Ludivine Sagnier and Tahar Rahim can now focus on their new projects. From Marrakech, the 41-year-old actor has poured out this huge project in which he takes on the features of Paul Barras, a general of the Revolution and the Empire.

“I loved working with Ridley Scott. It was great. He has so many great films that working with him is the most extraordinary school I have had. How many times have I listened to the soundtracks of his films again? Tahar Rahim. “Finding myself face to face with a monster, a living legend of world cinema. I’m like “wow, he trusted me”. Then afterwards, we do the work!

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A “live performance”

A member of the jury of the Marrakech International Film Festival, the Frenchman then evokes the “incredible precision” of the British filmmaker: “He paints his entire storyboard himself. He has his screen, his references, he installs everything. And there you have the craziest surprise of your life: it’s two takes. No more no less. The actors have two tries to complete the scene. “The first day I didn’t expect it…I asked if I could have a third. He accepted. Imagine the time he saves,” says the husband of Leila Bekhti.

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He continues: “On the set, there were sometimes eight cameras. For the battle scenes, he proceeds a bit like a theater recording. If Joaquin Phoenix, in Napoleon, has to play a scene in a corner, I play Paul Barras not very far away. We have no interaction but it happens at the same time. Afterwards, they remove the cameras from the image.” Throughout the filming, Tahar Rahim explains that he witnessed a real “live performance”. “We have one camera here, two there. There are explosions before my eyes. You just have to take it.”

The film will focus on the youth of Napoleon Bonaparte, his rise to power and his relationship with Joséphine de Beauharnais. The images of the shooting were unveiled during the month of March 2022. Guaranteed spectacle.

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