Worker dies after being hit by potato chopper

A 24-year-old woman died in a tragic accident after falling into a chopper while working at a factory working on behalf of Bem Brasil Alimentos, located in the municipality of Perdizes, in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais .

A machine that triggers at the wrong time

As bring it back La Republica , the event occurred on Thursday, November 24, 2022, when the young woman was separating debris and potatoes above the food conveyor belt, which was turned off. However, the machine kicked in and suddenly dragged the victim towards the chopper. His colleagues could do nothing but watch the scene in horror.

Rafaella’s mother pointed out that her daughter was temporarily working at the factory, as she had previously trained as a nursing technician before staying in Perdizes in May. Recently, she had moved in with her older sister and two cousins.

A subcontractor company

For its part, the company Bem Brasil Alimentos commented on the accident and declared: “With regret, we regret the death of an employee of a subcontractor company, which provides services to Bem Brasil in the municipality of Perdizes. In accordance with our occupational safety policy, the investigation process has already started with the competent authorities”.

On the other hand, he denounced that the company had not informed him of what had happened and that, on the contrary, he had learned the news from the media.

The Brazilian civil police, for their part, reported having carried out tests on the spot and entrusted the body to the medical examiner for expertise.

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