why see this wonderful children’s film with Jason Momoa?

Little Nemo and the World of Dreams is an interesting film to watch as a family. But what is its interest for you and the children?

Little Nemo and the World of Dreams on Netflix: why see this magnificent children's film with Jason Momoa?

If your children like adventure movies, they will no doubt be amazed by Little Nemo and the World of Dreams. This dreamlike adventure movie enchants with its plot, its wonderful characters, but also the ethical purpose it gives to children. In 1 h 57 min, your kids will certainly have a good time, between laughter and exclamations. So why watch Little Nemo and the Dreamworld on Netflix ?

Nemo and Flip lead you on an adventure

In this wonderful children’s film, we follow the adventures of little Nemo and her companion Flip. They try to escape everyday life that has become too nightmarish.

Nemo is a loving little girl who finds herself an orphan overnight, after her father disappears at sea. This is how her life takes a first hit. She will take the second when she is forced to go live in town with her uncle Philip. Even if the latter has good intentions, his clumsiness prevents him from attracting the favor of the little one. Between school and a house full of troubles, Nemo’s sweet life is not long in sinking. Fortunately, she will find an escape one night when she discovers a secret map that leads her to meet the eccentric Flip, a thief, but very sympathetic. Quickly, the two become friends and embark on a wonderful dreamlike adventure. And hope is reborn!

Why will this film appeal to your children?

For several reasons, this adventure film will appeal to all viewers.

For the joy of adventure

If your kids love adventure and its overflowing imagination, they shouldn’t be bored watching Little Nemo and the World of Dreams. They will surely be enchanted by the dream world where everything is allowed for happiness: dancing, singing, jumping, flying, etc. This is the magic world where the magic pearl helps to make all the wildest wishes come true.

For the joy of adventure

The various adventures of Nemo and his eccentric companion Flip are also exciting and sure to thrill young viewers. Adventure is not easy for adventurers. On their way, they must challenge terrible enemies such as the agent of the Office of Subconscious Activities and the octopus.

For its endearing characters

Because of his situationchildren will soon take pity on little Nemo and even identify with her. His situation that changes for the better, the joy she knows and others will only bring them happiness.

For its endearing characters

Despite its outlaw character, we also like Flip. Between his extravagant lookhis pronounced taste for everything related to adventure and nonsense, the character will not be long in attracting the favor of small children.

And the nemo’s little pig ? An equally admirable being who represents a great support for Nemo, in addition to being a companion of adventure.

For its ethical purpose

Children may not see this point on their own: this is where parents will have to play their part. Despite the various adventures she has had, little Nemo has not forgotten her father. She realized thatwe never completely lose the people who are dear to us. They are always with us, in our hearts, in our thoughts and in our everyday dreams.

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