why is this film so special for Patricia Arquette and Nicolas Cage?

This Monday, November 14, Arte broadcasts from 8:50 p.m. the dramatic film At open tomb, starring Patricia Arquette and Nicolas Cage. But did you know why this feature film is so special for the two actors? We will explain everything to you !

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Place at the cinema this Monday, November 14 from 8:55 p.m. on Arte as well as on the platform Arte.tv. The channel broadcasts the film At open tomb of Martin Scorsese, released in April 2000 in cinemas. In the shoes of an ambulance driver in the early 90s, Nicolas Cage criss-crosses New York at night and more particularly the dangerous district of Hell’s Kitchen. Between social misery, drug addiction and death of patients, the character of Frank Pierce meets Mary Burke, a former addict.

Patricia Arquette and Nicolas Cage in At open tomb : a shoot and a wedding

And Martin Scorsese had called on a woman that Nicholas Cage knew well to give him the reply: Patricia Arquette, with whom he then lived a passionate love story. It was in April 1995 that the two actors had married in just marriage, after the executioner of the hearts had notably attended Uma Thurman. This will be their first marriage for both of them. And At open tomb is, to date, the only film in which the couple has acted together. A shoot that took place before the sister of the missing Alexis Arquette, to whom the Oscars 2017 did not pay tribute, did not ask for a divorce again in November 2000 in the court of Los Angeles. Nine months earlier, the couple had indeed sent a first request before backtracking a few weeks later.

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Patricia Arquette and Nicolas Cage: a separation, marriages and divorces

Subsequently, the one who had inadvertently hit a young actress with Golden Globes had married Thomas Janerecently seen in the western series The Last Son, before divorcing in 2011. Since 2014, she would be in a relationship with Eric White, an American artist. On his side, the actor with many capillary eccentricities in the cinema had a much more eventful love life: in a relationship since 2019 and married since 2021 with Riko Shibata, 30 years his junior, he became a father for the second time in September 2022, 32 years after the birth of his elder Weston. He also said “yes” three other times, previously, before divorcing: in 2002 at Lisa Mary Presley, daughter of the Kingto the actress Alice Kim (mother of her other son Kal-El, born in 2005 and with a name inspired by Superman!) two years later and makeup artist Erika Koike in 2019 whilea 4 day express wedding.

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