Why is Cyril Hanouna not present this Tuesday evening on the TPMP set?

Cyril Hanouna will miss the Touche pas à mon poste program on Tuesday, November 22, because he will watch the first match of the French team in the World Cup against Australia.

But where did Cyril Hanouna go? This Tuesday, November 22, the star presenter of Touche pas à mon poste will miss the call for a funny reason: he will be in front of France – Australia, at home, at 8 p.m., with his son. Benjamin Castaldi, the official replacement for the star of the channel, will therefore be in charge.

Football first

Cyril Hanouna announced it this Tuesday, November 22, in the morning, via a Twitter post. The father of the family has indeed promised his son that they would watch the match of the Blues together.

My darlings exceptionally tonight will be my @B_Castaldi in command of #TPMP! I promised my son that we would watch the game together but see you tomorrow live!

And go blues ud83cuddebud83cuddf7ud83dudcaaud83cudffd

— Cyril Hanouna (@Cyrilhanouna) November 22, 2022

Very close to coach Didier Deschamps, he is also happy not to miss the entry into the running of the French in this World Cup in Qatar. For the host, the players of the French team are like his “family”, reveals Le Figaro.

Disgruntled netizens

In commentary to his Twitter post, despite the support of some Internet users, others believe that Cyril Hanouna will not be present for another reason. The most liked answer tackles the presenter who would be afraid of a drop in audiences against the blues match: “It’s above all that you don’t want to take the slap that the audiences will take against the match. He doesn’t get wet the captain of the ship TPMP a lot… Go castaldi, to the pipe breaker!!!” (@BACKANDMORE).

It’s above all that you don’t want to take the slap that the audiences will take in the face of the match. He doesn’t get wet so much the captain of the TPMP ship…Go castaldi, to the pipe breaker!!! And then you’re used to humiliations Benji, you put up with them every night! ud83dude09

— AZ10NE (@BACKANDMORE) November 22, 2022

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