Why didn’t Roman Reigns wear red at Survivor Series?

WWE presented its edition of the Survivor Series WarGames last Saturday with the main event the Bloodline against Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, Kevin Owens, Ridge Holland and Butch. A high intensity match where all members of the Bloodline wore red except for Roman Reigns.

So why wasn’t the Chief of the Tribe in red at Survivor Series 2022? WWE head designer Sarath Ton explained in an interview with Sam Roberts that Roman Reigns didn’t like the texture of the pants, so he refused to wear the themed clothes:

”The Bloodline, I made the clothes in red. You may notice that one clan member wasn’t in red, and it wasn’t because the outfit wasn’t made. This is because the fabric texture was not what he expected. He put it on to see the feel. He’s the Chief of the Tribe, he does what he wants. It would have been cool if they had all been in red, but at the same time he does his thing and we follow him.

Like what, Roman Reigns could also have been in red for the Survivor Series, but the texture of the product wanted otherwise.

Photo credit: WWE


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