when will the soap opera return to TF1?

Bad news for fans of Tomorrow belongs to us: after the episode of this Friday, November 18, it will be necessary to be patient before finding their favorite soap opera…

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That’s it, it’s over… for a while anyway! This Friday, November 18, TF1 will offer the final episode of tomorrow belongs to us before a break that will seem endless for fans of the soap opera. Indeed, due to the Football World Cup, which will begin this Sunday, November 20, the private channel is forced to shift the schedules of its programs. Thus, the 8 p.m. television news will be offered at 7:15 p.m.… condemning the star soap opera to be put away. Here everything begins, for its part, will not be impacted and should continue throughout the competition.

A poisoner rages during the charity evening!

A wait that will seem all the longer as the episode of this Friday, November 18 ends with a catastrophic scene (our summary) : during the charity evening, a poisoner is rampant and we see Manon, Victoire, Sara, François, Bart, Chloé and all the others collapsing, victims of discomfort. Who could have committed such an act? Will some characters die? The answers to these questions will not be for now… Indeed, it will be necessary to wait until the end of the World Cup to find the merry band of Tomorrow belongs to us, which will return to the antenna on Monday December 19 only.

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“A‘ntrigue is exceptional, in terms of history, which is extraordinary, but also of means…”

But fans’ patience will be rewardedaccording to what we have been told Ingrid Chauvin during his visit to the last La Rochelle Fiction Festival. Questioned by Télé-Loisirs.fr, she confessed to us, about this choral intrigue: “It’s very nice even if it’s a lot of work. When we’re all together on the set, it’s more daring. The plot is exceptional, in terms of story, which is out of the ordinary but also means…” We look forward !

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