What transport to use to travel cheaper during the Christmas holidays

published on Saturday, November 26, 2022 at 1:10 p.m.

Despite soaring fuel prices, the car is often the least expensive solution for going with the family at Christmas, reports Le Parisien, Saturday, November 26.

Less than a month before the Christmas holidays, the French are scrutinizing the prices of train and plane tickets to pay as little as possible. But according to a comparison of the costs of different means of transport carried out by Le Parisien, Saturday, November 26, the car remains the most advantageous solution for a family with two children. “This is not surprising. When the car is full, the cost per head is actually lower than if you buy a plane or train ticket for each”, explains to the daily Delphine Senné, transport specialist at Alenium Consultants. And this, despite rising fuel prices and the government’s desire to promote environmentally friendly transport.

For a couple, the cost of a train journey is not higher than that of a car. By using several tricks, such as a subscription or buying tickets as soon as sales open, the gap could even be reduced with the car for a family of four. “The SNCF offers very reduced prices for children because it targets family customers. As when parents take the car, the railway group ensures that the little ones do not cost more for the trip”, says Arnaud Aymé, transport specialist at Sia Partners. Unlike airlines, which “can fill planes without families”he says.

The most advantageous bus for a couple or a student

For a family of four leaving on December 24 and returning on December 31, the price of a Lille-Toulouse trip is estimated at 534 euros by car, compared to 678 euros by train, 694 euros by bus and 983 euros by plane, according to the comparison of the Parisian. The costs are different for a couple making the same journey: 342 euros by bus, 452 euros by plane, 534 euros by car and 536 euros by train. The bus is also the cheapest means of transport for a student leaving alone (171 euros).

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