what she had no right to say when she presented The Best Pastry Chef and that she no longer hesitates to say today (VIDEO)

“I’m not very sugar.” These confidences were made by Faustine BollaertSaturday November 12, in the show We redo the TV, broadcast on RTL. The one who animated Le Best Pastry Chef on M6 between 2012 and 2017, before being replaced by Julia Vignali (2017-2021) and now Mary Portolanoclarified that she did not have the right to speak on this subject in the press. “It was still complicated to say it, in the promo. […] I was told, ‘you don’t say it, you don’t say it’. […] So I take revenge now, she then clarified, facing Éric Dussart. And the host to continue: “Me, you offer me sausage [et des] Crisps are much more my thing than sweet.”

Faustine Bollaert, not the first to rush on the cakes

“Actually, you don’t like cakes! That’s what you’re telling us. You’ve been fooling around for five years”, then observed Éric Dussart. And Faustine Bollaert to retort: “No, I was under no illusion, but I was not the first to rush on the cakes.And to continue, still at the microphone of RTL: “You know, you come on set at 7 in the morning, you smell chocolate until 2 a.m.after, you only dream of one thing, that’s a hamburger.” A few moments later, the journalist clarified that she liked, on the other hand, the elements which are used to concoct a pastry, like raw dough. Also, she loves to eat ravioli when they are still raw: “It’s super good. […] I would love it more than for an ice cream, for example.”

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Faustine Bollaert: her secrets about her husband

Faustine Bollaert is never stingy with anecdotes. In the same program broadcast on RTLthe host of It starts today on France 2 made some secrets about her daily life alongside her husband, the successful writer Maxime Chatham. During the interview, she revealed the strange hobby of this one, when watching television as a family.

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