What is the difference between a solar panel and a photovoltaic panel?

At first glance, it seems logical to think that the photovoltaic panel is a more scientific name given to a solar panel. However, they are actually two different technologies.

To capture solar energy and transform it into electricity, the use of panels is essential. In this field, we often talk about photovoltaic panels. If they can’t be settled in the deserts, they are now used by both individuals and professionals. Thus, it is even possible to travel thanks to the energy produced by these panels photovoltaic. However, for many people, a photovoltaic panel is a solar panel. This would actually be two different names for the same object. If these two panels exploit the sun to transform its rays into electricity, they do not exploit the same element. The solar panel produces heat while the photovoltaic panel produces electricity.

The photovoltaic panel: the element that allows you to produce your own green electricity

The photovoltaic panel is the one that is most often called solar panel. Installed on roofs, it allows significant energy savings by generating its own electricity from the sun. Each panel has fine cells that capture the rays and transform its light into electrical energy. This is also usable immediately and can be sent to the electrical network of the house. If a surplus of energy is produced, it can also be resold to EDF. Finally, the photovoltaic panel is recyclable and makes it possible to produce energy without emitting greenhouse gases.

The solar panel, a practical asset for naturally heating water in the home

The solar panel very similar to the photovoltaic panel. But, unlike this one, it does not exploit light to generate energy, but heat. Like the photovoltaic version, the installed surface on the roof captures the sun’s rays and transforms them into heat. Then it travels through a network of tubes until it reaches an interchange. This specific element allows you to naturally heat water and then redistribute it throughout the house. The solar panel can therefore be installed in addition to photovoltaic panels and help you save money. Be careful, however, because a technical and economic study is mandatory to find out if the accommodation is compatible with the installation.

What is the cost of a photovoltaic installation?

Beforehand, you must buy the photovoltaic solar panels. The purchase price of solar panels photovoltaic varies depending on your usage. It is therefore up to you to refer yourself to online or in-store sellers. For more precautions, turn to physical stores.

The price of the installation varies according to various criteria such as:

  • the power expressed in kWp
  • The technology used
  • The difficulty of laying
  • The brand
  • The type of inverter.
  • The installation company’s experience

For a medium-sized installation with a power of 3 kWpthe estimate is between 8000 and 9000 euros.

Is it profitable to install photovoltaic panels?

With the explosion of the costs ofelectricity and gas, it is highly recommended to use this alternative in order to reduce the allocated budget. Admittedly the installation can be expensive, but it allows you to reduce the amount of your electricity bills and gas. However, we recommend that you opt for the right installation which necessarily meets certain installation criteria:

  1. Roof pitch
  2. Opt for a better shape of the tiles
  3. Place your tiles in a place that has a better rate of sunlight
  4. Avoid shady areas altogether

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