What if it was Quentin Dupieux’s best film (his actors think so)

“It’s the best movie ever. Quentin Dupieux ! This is the enthusiastic cry that Vincent Lacoste utters to qualify Smoking makes you cough by Quentin Dupieux, discovered during a midnight session at Cannes film festival. The actor is not the only one to say it: his partners: Oulaya AmamraAnaïs Demoustier, Gilles Lellouche and Jean-Pascal Zadi share his enthusiasm for this comedy in the interview they are given together at 20 minutes.

This very dissipated group embodies the “Tobacco Force”, vigilantes led by Mr. Didier, a rat with the voice of Alain Chabat. “Quentin had trouble with us, recognizes Anais Demoustier, because we laughed too much. We had our suspenders pulled up. This is not surprising when you see the complicity of the performers, always ready to tease each other both in their roles and in front of journalists.

Somewhat dumb characters

“Our characters have the particularity of being all a bit stupid”, recognizes Gilles Lellouche. Molded in superb blue outfits, the small group quickly became friends. “I had doubts when I saw myself for the first time in the costume,” admits Jean-Pascal Zadi. The actresses have obviously tamed their rather showy disguises more quickly. “We added breasts and hips to better create the carcasses of superheroines”, comments Oulaya Amamra. And to suggest that certain actor(s) would have improved other parts of their anatomy…

This cheerfully schoolboy side, just as sensitive on the screen as in the city, brings a crazy charm to this comedy where Blanche Gardin, Grégoire Ludig or Benoît Poelvoorde also appear as deliberately caricatural villains. “There is everything in this film to please the public, insists Jean-Pascal Zadi. Including a sexy “renois”, “ouam” in this case. Because glamor is not Gilles Lellouche! Marvel and DC heroes just have to stand up to this merry band on which the future of our good old Earth depends.

We have a lot of fun with these delirious pals who ignore all sense of the ridiculous and logic to provide generous entertainment. Quentin Dupieux’s best film? Maybe, or not, but surely one of the funniest! Smoking makes you cough offers a great moment of laughter.

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