What happens to Christina Ricci, who played Wednesday in “The Addams Family”?

Big eyes, a pale complexion and two brown braids. In 1991, Christina Ricci, aged just 11, played the unforgettable Wednesday in the cult film “The Addams Family”. Two years later, she reprized her role in the sequel, “Addams Family Values” (1993). What launch the career of the young actress, who has not left the screens since.

Subsequently, we saw her in “Casper” (1995), a film of which Christina Ricci is not particularly proud: “I am horrible”, she confided in the podcast “WFT”, in 2022. And to add: “People get angry when I say that. And I say, ‘It’s an incredible movie, a childhood treasure, but I’m horrible in it.

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From children’s films to indie cinema

At the end of the 1990s, Christina Ricci turned away from children’s films to move towards auteur cinema. She turns in “Ice Storm” (1997), by Ang Lee; she plays Johnny Deep in “Sleepy Hollow” (1998), by Tim Burton; she was nominated for the Golden Globes for her role in “Sex and Other Complications” (1998). She was then nicknamed the “Indy Queen” by critics (understand: “the queen of indie cinema”). But the queen quickly fell. In the 2000s, we see more Christina Ricci on the small screen: she appears in the series “Malcolm”, “Ally McBeal” or “Grey’s Anatomy”. She is still noticed in “Monster” (2003), by Patty Jenkins, with Charlize Theron, but she does not obtain major roles.

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Apart from a few notable roles, such as in the “Pan Am” series (2011-2012), Christina Ricci was not very present, neither in cinema nor on television in the 2010s. This may be explained by her stormy private life. In 2013, she married James Heerdegen, a stagehand met on the set of “Pan Am”, with whom she had a son, Freddy, in 2014. Beaten by her husband, Christina Ricci filed for divorce in 2019, but spent confinement “stuck at home with a man who physically and emotionally abused me and who knew I wanted to end my marriage,” she said. It was not until 2021 that the divorce was pronounced and a removal order was ordered. The actress has since remarried hairstylist Mark Hamptonwho gave him a daughter named Cleopatra.

Back to origins

Since then, Christina Ricci has made a remarkable comeback on the screens, appearing in “Matrix Ressurections” (2021), by Lana Wachowski (for whom she had already filmed in “Speed ​​Racer” in 2008). And, from November 23, she will be showing “Wednesday”, on Netflix, a series imagined by Tim Burton inspired by the cult film that made him famous.. This time, she does not play Wednesday Addams, interpreted by Jenna Ortega, but Marilyn Thornhill, a supervisor of the Academy Nevermore where the daughter of Morticia and Gomez enters. The circle is complete.

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