Wearing the ball plunging bob at 50+ without doing Karen? 10 ideas to spice it up with style!

The so-called short bob continues to appeal to girls of all ages and it remains on top of current hair trends. In 2023, it adopts the shape of a plunging square ball which is high in style and complements several varied facial morphologies. However, there is a catch. When this cut is not well made or shaped, it gives the despicable look of a typical Karen… So, can we avoid the unpleasant effect in question and how to modernize this otherwise super chic hairstyle? Here are some clever solutions that will allow you to enjoy it in a trendy way…

The plunging square “in a ball”: instructions for use

how to wear plunging square ball 50 years without doing Karen ideas 2023 style

Before giving you our top tips, what is the plunging square ball? As its name suggests, it is a short or medium haircut that can reach the bottom of the ears, go beyond the lobe to stop at the mandible or barely touch the shoulders. Most often, a bob is straight, but nowadays there are several interpretations that sometimes significantly diversify it. Such is the case of the plunging version where there is a gradual, but clearly visible difference in the length of the longer front hair and the shortened back locks. This dynamic structure creates movement and has the ability to optically lengthen the physiognomy.

And the ball effect, what is it exactly? Well, it’s just exaggerated volume at the root, especially at the crown of the head, which produces a nice bulge and an overall half-sphere look, or almost. It is this volume that tempts ladies at 50+, most often at fine and “flat” hair. Combine that with the potential of the bob bob bob to refine facial features and you have a universal go-to haircut recipe that every Gen X woman wears for years to come. Anonymous look guaranteed.

10 ways to spice up the ball plunging square while avoiding the Karen effect

how to wear a fuzzy plunging square for 50 years without doing Karen with copper highlights

As you can imagine, this is where the Karen effect comes into play. 40s or 50s belonging to the middle class. She’s constantly protesting, she wants to talk to the manager to make demands, and she’s the creme de la creme of white privilege. So, without intending to offend anyone, here’s how to wear the bob plunging square without immediately evoking this rather embarrassing everyday lady.

Opt for a tousled effect in the wind

wearing plunging square ball woman 50 years 2023 without doing karen messy look

Tapering the hair to give it a messy “choppy” look immediately gives it a more youthful appearance. It’s like saying, “I just got out of bed and I feel confident enough to go out as I am.” »

Start with eye-catching coloring

how to wear plunging bob square woman 50 years old 2023 without doing karen

Once the type of cut has been chosen, you can continue with an extraordinary coloring. Unnatural colors that immediately catch the eye are not the only option in this regard. Partial colorings such as sweeping, shaded or highlights are just as interesting…

Choose balayage, ombré or highlights

how to wear a fuzzy plunging bob 50 years without doing Karen blonde balayage

Take advantage of the tapered plunging bob

short dipping bob idea choppy tapered layers avoid mundane appearance

Move towards the shaved neck or the undercut

how to wear square plunging ball woman 50 years shaved neck undercut

Benefit from the blurred plunging square

how to wear square plunging ball 50 years without making Karen undulations brunettes

Choosing the fuzzy dipping bob instead of the actual ball is another gorgeous possibility to modernize your hairstyle and make it more personal. Not to mention how easy it is to maintain if your hair is naturally wavy or curly!

Leverage the magic of the bangs

Oh, the fringe! Every young girl has tormented herself at some point in her life whether wearing it is a good or a bad idea… Logically, the answer depends on several factors the most important of which are your hair type and above all- the shape of your face. Certainly, it is the morphology that counts!

Wear your parting strongly off center

how to wear plunging square blurred stripe not to do Karen ideas 2023

Similarly, make a plunging bob bob and wear it with the side parting is another choice not to be underestimated. In fact, add some nice coloring to suit your skin tone and individual preferences plus some romantic waves and the potential Karen effect will be totally erased!

Playing with the lengths in a dramatic way

dramatic plunging square gray coloring ideas trend cuts 2023

Combine multiple approaches into one custom fit

wear plunging square ball 50 years without doing Karen idea gradual shaded coloring

Taming the volume a little and opting for a straight fringe guarantees you a chic look

mid-length square with fringe how to wear blunt bob winter 2023 spring

Parting on the side, long bangs and original coloring for a “Wow! »

how to wear square plunging ball 50 years without doing Karen idea 2023 long bangs

Assuming your white hair and wearing it with your head held high is bold and trendy!

short plunging square cut 2023

Which way to wear the plunging bob square with style at 50+ years old do you prefer?

what short haircut to 50 years plus 60 years woman thick straight hair square blond degraded trend 2023

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