VIDEO. Did a spectator film an Elvis Presley concert in 1977 with… a smartphone?

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A sequence, on which a woman seems to appear filming the Elvis Presley concert with a smartphone, has created the rumor of time travel.

In June 1977, the cameras of the chain CBS had filmed two concerts of Elvis Presley. One in Omaha, Nebraska, and another in Rapid City, South Dakota. Images shot for a special on the singer, which was never broadcast during his lifetime.

However, one of the footage resurfaced on US community website Reddit. And one detail particularly marked the fans. Indeed, on the images, we can see, in the public, a spectator holding an object which strangely resembles … a smartphone.

Some Internet users then did not hesitate to launch the rumor of time travel or to evoke a vast technological conspiracy.

Nevertheless, as indicated Paris Match, this case can quickly be elucidated. Indeed, in the 70s, Kodak and other brands marketed compact cameras like the Ektra, whose shape is close to a contemporary smartphone.

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