US, Japan and South Korea promise ‘strong and firm’ response to Pyongyang nuclear test

The United States, Japan and South Korea promised a response on Sunday.strong and firmin the event of a North Korean nuclear test, the first since 2017, a hypothesis that came back into the news after a record series of Pyongyang weapons tests.

The leaders of the United States, Japan and South Korea issued a joint statement following their trilateral meeting in Phnom Penh, with US President Joe Biden pledging to deploy “the full range of capabilities, even nuclearto defend his allies.

Joe Biden, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, and South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol “reaffirm that a nuclear test by North Korea will be followed by a strong and firm response from the international community.»

The three countrieswill work together to strengthen their deterrent force», is it written.

Their rapprochement,at an unprecedented level“, comes after North Korea carried out a flurry of launches in early November, including that of a ballistic missile which fell near South Korean territorial waters. Another North Korean ballistic missile flew over Japan in September.

Pyongyang justified its actions by the attitude “aggressive and provocativeof Seoul and Washington, who were operating at the same time the largest military air maneuvers ever carried out between them.

Joe Biden is to meet Monday in Bali, on the sidelines of the G20, his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, with the particular intention of asking him to dissuade Pyongyang from going further.

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