Urios removed from office, the reasons for the divorce

But since February, the UBB has been skating (8 wins, 1 draw, 13 losses) and the “Urios” method is as tiring as it makes you cringe. Relations between Laurent Marti and his manager have been strained for many months already. The president had little taste for seeing the athlete’s parton devote more time to his ancillary activities (wine, seminars, RMC) than to recruitment. Since last year, the Girondin club has no longer attracted “names” and has seen many elements leave, either for lack of attention (Seuteni), or because the current simply did not pass with the “boss (Paiva, Roumat, Woki).

Locker room relieved

The departure of Christophe Urios is experienced as a great relief by many players as the message has not passed since last year and as the media outings of the “boss” annoyed even within his locker room. Weariness began to appear the day after the Six Nations Tournament. And the break took place during the final stages. Hurt by the defeat in Perpignan which cost a direct qualification for the semi-finals, Christophe Urios let go by publicly targeting certain executives (Jalibert and Woki) and left the group to prepare for the play-off against Racing 92 on their own.

Broken link in Perpignan

Self-management has not made it possible to go beyond the last four and has left indelible traces. In the offseason, Cameron Woki hastily joined Racing 92, a year before the end of his contract. Under contract until 2025, Matthieu Jalibert is also looking to change horizons. And the turmoil of June continued to make waves at the start of the current financial year.

He was never able to rebuild a real bond of trust with his players

While he had promised the “management of the metamorphosis” this summer, Christophe Urios never managed to find the springs which made it possible to boost the dynamics of the previous seasons. And has never been able to rebuild a real bond of trust with his players. Some elements at the end of the contract next June have been dragging their feet so far to start negotiations with the UBB.

The message did not get through

The latest defeat on the field of Pau (33-7), just before the truce, marked the point of no return. In the post-match locker room, the manager criticized his group for having “passed him off as a c…” And he put a layer of it on the players’ WhatsApp group, when the latter wanted to organize a meal festive with “wigs”. His answer ? “We have already passed enough for clowns in Pau”.

He will remain the one who took the Girondin club to a real milestone

If Christophe Urios ended up annoying within the UBB, the manager of Aude will remain the one who has taken the Girondin club to a real milestone since his arrival in 2019 with four semi-finals on the clock (2 in Top 14, 1 in the Champions Cup, 1 in the Challenge Cup). Relying on a quality workforce from his arrival, he knew how to bring his paw through his outspokenness, introduced the “Bacchus”, structured the training sessions, established the club a little more in his territory. , and proved that he was able to adapt to it by advocating a game of movement, after being singled out for so long for his “restrictive” rugby years spent at Castres. A personal revenge that the manager likes to feed on.

It will leave a mark

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