Under pressure from the far right, Fnac withdraws from sale a game from an anti-fascist site

The box of

The box of

After being challenged by a union of commissioners and several elected RNs, the company withdrew from its site a card game published by Libertalia editions, which offers players the opportunity to animate a fictional anitfascist group.

Available for sale November 10, Antifa, the game, was no longer accessible on the Fnac website this Sunday evening. The company, mentioned on social networks by the Union of Commissioners of the National Police (SCPN) and several elected members of the National Rally, has decided to “do what is necessary” so that the product is no longer available.

Antifa, the gameis a card game created by “The Horde”, an anti-fascist site. “Initially used as a training tool for more than two years, the game was finally published in September 2021 by Libertalia editions”, can we read on the website of La Horde.

“We understand that the marketing of this ‘game’ may have offended some of our audiences. We are doing what is necessary to ensure that it is no longer available in the coming hours,” the company’s official account tweeted.

“You have no shame?”

If Fnac responded publicly to the SCPN this Sunday, it was first the far right that mobilized on social networks to criticize the card game. And in particular Grégoire de Fournas, deputy RN who was expelled from the National Assembly for having created a lively controversy in the hemicycle by responding to Carlos Martins Bilongo, deputy LFI.

“Box 1: ‘I block a university’; Box 2: ‘I beat up a right-wing activist’; Box 3: ‘I attack an RN meeting’; Box 4: ‘I throw a Molotov cocktail at the CRS'” , the MP for Gironde tweeted on Friday, asking: “La Fnac, aren’t you ashamed?”

“To honor the antifa, these hateful groups who only know violence to attack our democracy and what we hold dearest in our country… Absolutely scandalous!” abounded his colleague RN Victor Catteau.

Fnac criticized on its catalog

On Twitter, the organization Action Antifasciste Paris-Banlieue criticized the censorship of Fnac and challenged the company, because its site also offers, in the literature department, The Great Replacement by Renaud Camus. A text that inspired the Christchurch terrorist in 2019.

“You’re selling this ‘book’ that inspired Brenton Tarrant to commit a racist mass shooting in New Zealand, are you going to censor it too?” asks the anti-fascist organization.

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