TPMP: Cyril Hanouna did not present the show yesterday because of a football match… Internet users demolish him on the networks

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Cyril Hanouna had warned that he would not present his program Touche pas à mon poste this Tuesday, November 22, in order to be able to watch the France-Australia football match with his son … this does not have more to Internet users who have it violently criticized on social networks.

Cyril Hanouna had announced to his columnists and viewers that he would not present his program “Touche pas à mon poste” this Tuesday, November 22. Close to Didier Deschamps, he wanted to stay at home to support the France team in their first game against Australia. “It’s my family (…) in addition, my son absolutely wants to watch the match with me,” said the presenter.

This is how he told his Twitter followers:

My darlings exceptionally tonight will be my @B_Castaldi in command of #TPMP! I promised my son that we would watch the game together but see you tomorrow live!

And come on blues ????

— Cyril Hanouna (@Cyrilhanouna) November 22, 2022

If many of the comments of this message are positive, Cyril Hanouna takes a volley of green wood from many Internet users. Anthology.

What a mytho mdrrrrrrrrr he knows that there is the French team opposite at 8 p.m., that his show will suffer from it so he hands over the hot potato to Benjamin Castaldi ahahaha I’m dead

– Please Kyk’s, make us win! (@SalaahL) November 22, 2022

Some are good! We manage our time as we want for a football match… no respect for us viewers!
What makes me laugh are people wishing him a good match with his son!
As if he were reading you!
We are between us and not him and us

— Celine (@Cline32195393) November 22, 2022

Where does a boss accept this excuse from? ud83dude02 I can see myself calling my boss and saying “sorry, I don’t come to work. I have my son who doesn’t want » ud83dude02 but then you will tell us that you are not the head of C8 ud83dude02 good game and see you tomorrow

— micka (@MickaelChopard) November 22, 2022

It’s above all that you don’t want to take the slap that the audiences will take in the face of the match. He doesn’t get wet so much the captain of the TPMP ship…Go castaldi, to the pipe breaker!!! And then you’re used to humiliations Benji, you put up with them every night! ?

— AZ10NE (@BACKANDMORE) November 22, 2022

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