Towards a revision of the media chronology on December 6 in favor of free TV channels

Towards a revision of the media chronology on December 6 in favor of free TV channels

While an agreement was signed last January, several players called for its revision, in particular free channels and the latter would have obtained an endorsement.

Despite an agreement that shook things up after years of difficulty for the various governments in power, the sea serpent is not completely defeated. Indeed, several disputes have emerged concerning the text governing the exploitation of a film on its theatrical release by the various broadcasters and an amendment should be signed on December 6th.

It is the result of negotiations with the platforms led mainly by the program director of TF1 who defended the interests of the free-to-air television channels. After several weeks of discussion, the agreement obtained would allow the free channels to obtain 60 days of exclusivity against a two-month decline in their broadcast window, going from 22 to 24 months after the theatrical release.

For the time being, the media chronology is as follows: a film is released in theaters, six months after Canal+ is entitled to broadcast it, then Netflix comes after 15 months, Amazon and Disney will wait 17 months and the channels 22 months. For the moment, it is above all an oral agreement and the signing of the addendum must allow the modification to be ratified. The context remains tense, however, especially on the side of Disney + which criticizes the agreement and does not intend to wait 17 months to broadcast its super-productions on the platform.

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