Thunderbolt in sight at the Blues

If they started the World Cup perfectly, with a 4-1 victory over Australia, the Blues could be talked about for extra-sporting considerations.

The world champions have honored their rank. Despite the cascade of absences with which they had to deal, the Blues indeed launched their World Cup with a 4-1 success against Australia. A performance of choice followed by 12.5 million viewers. What to do with the joy of Christmas which did not fail to greet “the full bars, the audience records. “It’s proof that the French team is above everything and that the criticism of Qatar was excessive”, he added to RTL.

According to Mohamed Bouhafsi, the president of the French Football Federation could nevertheless have a bad surprise. The Blues would indeed count on the blow on the question of human rights, whether concerning for migrant workers or the LGBTQ + community. “Having spoken with some players from the France team in the last 48 hours, I know that they are thinking about a gesture, that they are thinking about showing something in this competition”, he confided on the set of C to you.

They want to go against the instructions of Noël Le Graët

“They want to go against the instructions of Noël Le Graët”, he added, specifying nevertheless: “I’m not saying they’re going to do it, but there’s a start of reflection. » And the Blues could be all the more tempted to make a strong gesture, like what Germany was able to achieve during the pre-match photo, Wednesday, against Japan, than Noël Le Graët don’t give up.

“We apply FIFA guidelines, period. We are 32 teams participating in this World Cup, from different continents, different cultures, different religions with different problems. I find it very good that FIFA has made the decision that everyone wears the same armband, thus entrusted the Breton leader in the columns of L’Equipe. At the World Cup I follow the position of FIFA. When we do the Euro, I am that of UEFA. And in France, the federal position prevails. At home, we distribute armbands to amateur teams for those who want to wear them. »

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