Threat of strike at Air France, be careful if you plan to travel during the holiday season

Two Air France cabin crew unions have filed a strike notice for the end-of-year holiday season, accusing management of calling into question a collective agreement governing the working conditions of cabin crew members (cabin crew). The strike notice covers the period from December 22 to January 2, the threat is heavy for the end of year celebrations, a crucial period for the aviation sector.

In a press release published on their websites on Tuesday, the Union of Civil Aviation Flight Crew (Unac) and the Air France Group Flight Crew Union (SGNAF) state that “Only a STRONG MOBILIZATION will be able to tip the scales, so that we can find the contractualization of our working conditions”.

The two unions denounce the absence of a contract extending the collective agreement beyond its period of validity while social negotiations take place, and castigate a “pure and simple passage in force” by one “direction note”.

Air France management has indicated “to wonder” on this notice while the “negotiation is still ongoing”.

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