this legendary singer who pushed him to buy his house

Patrick Bruel is a real globetrotter. Always on the move, the 63-year-old singer nevertheless has several pied-à-terre. One of them is in a city very popular with the French, Los Angeles. As proof of the appeal of the Californian city that is nicknamed the City of Angels, Marion Cotillard recently also spent several million euros to afford a sublime villa.

If Patrick Bruel chose to spend more time on the other side of the Atlantic, it was above all to stay as close as possible to his two sons, Oscar and Léon, born from his past marriage with Amanda Sthers. The writer having left for the United States to lead a more peaceful life there, Patrick Bruel followed the movement. Especially since the one who released his tenth album called Once again has many friends in Los Angeles and it is thanks to one of them, unfortunately now deceased, that he bought the house in which he has been living happy days for several years.

Currently promoting his album, Patrick Bruel gave a long interview to the Point in which he confides in his life shared between France and the United States. “A lot of people leave Los Angeles for Miami or Atlanta because they’re tired of it all. Me, I’m isolated in my corner, in Pacific Palisades“, explains the singer. Pacific Palisades pleases…

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