This cult manga makes a sensational arrival on Netflix

This cult Japanese animated series is coming to Netflix.

Netflix wants to bet on anime. With the development of dedicated platforms such as Crunchyroll and ADN, the red N platform also intends to impose itself on the Japanese animation market. Alongside his original series like cyberpunk edge runners Where Sailor Moon Eternal, the American company also gets its hands on some classics of the genre. For several weeks now, fans have been waiting for the arrival of the original anime. Berserk, mythical figure of the manga culture of the 1990s.

An official ending without the original author

Deprived of its creator since the death of Kentaro Miura last year, we once thought that Berskerk would never know an official conclusion. It was without counting on the relatives of the mangaka, namely the screenwriter Kouji Mori and the artists of Studio Gaga, who made it possible to offer a posthumous conclusion to the work initiated in 1989 in the Monthly Animal House, then in the Young Animal. The latter having been informed of the turn that the series was to take, production was able to resume, first via new paper chapters.

This arrival in the catalog therefore sounds like a logical continuation for Netflix, which had already hosted the first trilogy of the saga a few months earlier. The appointment is now official, you will have to wait until December 1 next to find the 25 episodes of the original series in streaming on demand. Released in 1997, this salvo of episodes signed by the animation studio OLM (Oriental Light & Magic) and directed by Naohito Takahashi will return to the origins of Gutswhile the character was still a mercenary under Griffith’s orders.

It is therefore a real monument of manga culture that arrives on Netflix. While the platform tries to keep its subscribers with a new subscription formula including advertising, it could pull out of the game thanks to this type of acquisition. Remember that in addition to the original animated series which is about to join the N rouge catalog, Berskerk also has a second animated series released in 2016, as well as a trilogy of films. No new adaptations have yet been confirmed, but it’s likely that the manga’s posthumous conclusion will also be the subject of a small-screen project.

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