This actor refused to play in this film he hates 7 times, he even demanded to be killed to stop playing in the sequel

Trailer of GI Joe - the awakening of Cobra.  Channing Tatum hated film sets -

Trailer of GI Joe – the awakening of Cobra. Channing Tatum hated film sets –

It’s not always easy to be a star in Hollywood. Sometimes, when the agents don’t handle you, it’s the movie studios that impose a few little clauses on you in the contracts. And unfortunately for Channing Tatum, he was the one who got screwed when he was younger. The Magic Mike actor has confessed he was forced to star in the GI Joe franchise, two movies he hates more than anything today.

Today, Channing Tatum is one of the biggest movie stars and has established himself in action films as well (White House Down, Bullet Train), than comedies (21 Jump Street, The Secret of the Lost City), without forgetting the romantic comedies (10 years already, I promise you). Nevertheless, before acquiring such a status, the comedian was forced to accept a few more or less interesting projects to earn money and make a name for himself. And among all those he no longer assumes today, we find in particular GI Joe – Cobra Awakens released in 2009.

Channing Tatum traumatized by movies G.I. Joe

And when we say that he no longer assumes it, we should rather say that he hates it. Despite a nice cast around him (Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Sienna Miller, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje), this experience will forever remain one of the worst memories of his career. “For this first film, I refused it at least seven timeshe confessed to Vanity Fair. But the studio had an option [contractuelle] on me and I was forced to do it“. A traumatic situation for the actor who, unsurprisingly, had not made him want to come back for a sequel: “For the second movie [sorti en 2013, ndlr]Obviously I didn’t want to do that either.“.

Fortunately for him, if he was still contractually bound to the franchise, his change…

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