The Unknown Violently Charged by Mimie Mathy

This Monday, November 14, TF1 has decided to honor Les Inconnus. Fans of the legendary trio formed by Didier Bourdon, Pascal Légitimus and Bernard Campan will enjoy the new program, All unknown. Hunters, Auteuil Neuilly Passy, ​​It’s you I love you, Turn households... the greatest sketches of the Inconnus will be taken up by around sixty personalities from the entertainment world. François-Xavier Demaison, Soprano, Michel Boujenah, Antoine Duléry, Arnaud Ducret, François Berléand, Maxime Gasteuil, Claudio Capéo, Christophe Willem, François-Xavier Demaison, Vincent Desagnat, Eric Antoine, Elie Semoun, JoeyStar, Adil Rami, M. Pokora , Helena Noguerra or Anne Depétrini, Philippe Lacheau and Élodie Frégé to name a few, all responded present.

This special and exceptional fiction promises great moments of humor. During their immense career, the Unknowns have inspired more than one. And everyone decided to pay homage to them that evening. You should know that all these sketches were shot with the texts to the comma, in the exact costumes. If some have crossed paths with Didier Bourdon, such as Philippe Lacheau, or Bernard Campan and Pascal Légitimus, some personalities may simply be fans of the trio of comedians. But this Monday, November 14, a name of humor will inevitably be missing. This is Mimie Mathy. Indeed, the actress, star of Josephine…

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