THE ultra hot pants in 2023, the proof with these Zara and Mango models

Leggings have never been so popular in recent seasons. Shunned in the past because it was considered too tight, has-been, cheap or too gymwear, it is now adored by all the fashionistas who wear it every day like jeans or pants. And if its tight cut close to the body can be worn with absolutely all summer and winter looks, a new version has appeared and sends everything flying in its path. We have named the flare leggings, the new obsession of the end of the year and which is likely to triumph in 2023. By taking on the appearance of flared pants With 70s influences, flared leggings from the knee play on a trompe l’oeil fashion credo and it’s their ultra-stretch material that makes them even more desirable than all the other it-pants you put on in winter. It promises us great footwork since it extends our legs to infinity and enhances all curves.

We seize the trend now

The holiday season is just around the corner and sequined flare leggings will be part of any festive silhouette at the end of the year. The variations in satin, rib knit or lace will give us a hot look AND a shapely buttocks. We love its 70s cut and its slightly disco 80s tempo that propels us into the very top ranks of the fashion sphere. To be worn day and night and on all occasions, all mixes and matches are resolutely welcome. All-black evening look, masculine/feminine look, or tuxedo-style with a shoulder pad blazer… We love.

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