The probable compositions of the 11th day of National

The shock between Albi and Bourg-en-Bresse, Valence-Romans against the Tarbais revealer… Discover all the probable compositions of the 11th day of National.

Valence-Romans – Tarbes

The starting XV of Valence-Romans : 15. Cup; 14. Emerson, 13. Pauvert, 12. Neiceru, 11. Vargas; 10. Meret; 9. Menzel; 7. Gicquel, 8.Iashagashvili, 6. Army (cap.); 5. Uys, 4. Goumat; 3.Fincham, 2.Marco Pena, 1.Aleo.

Substitutes: 16. Boundjema, 17. Zouhair, 18. Groenewald, 19. Bernat Girlando, 20. Thébault, 21. Moura, 22. Bouldoire, 23. Bailly.

Infirmary: center three-quarter Jonathan Quinnez (adductors) and scrum-half Léopold Dupas (quadriceps injury) join pillar Kévin Goze (sesamoid). His frontline teammate Cyril Balust took him training with the group. Second line Charles Brayer is serving a six-game suspension.

The starting XV of Tarbes : 15. Pees; 14. Oltmann, 13. Vakacegu, 12. Cantan, 11. Duffau; 10. Fuertas; 9. Lhusero (cap.); 7. Ricart, 8. Leshkasheli, 6. Sajous; 5. Seuvou, 4. Bousquet; 3. Duny, 2. Lamothe, 1. Combier.

Substitutes: 16. Mondon, 17. Palisse, 18. Estaque, 19. Saint Guilhem, 20. Millet or Dulucq, 21. Trotta, 22. Belair or Erasmus, 23. Tchitchiashvili.

Infirmary: as there was no breakage against Albi, the unavailable players are the third line center Len Massyn (concussion), the centers Johan Paulet (internal ligament of the knee), Alofa Alofa (sprained internal lateral ligament left knee) and fullback Mathieu Berbizier (hamstring). Flankers Matteo Coustalat (ankle), Loan Real (ankle) and winger Romain Dumestre (shoulder contusion) are in recovery but too fair.

Albi – Bourg-en-Bresse

The starting XV of Albi : 15. Dospital; 14. Marzocca, 13. Mjekevu, 12. Couchinave, 11.Sperandio; 10. Pehau, 9. Vidal; 8. Maciotta, 7. Guillaume, 6.Roussel (cap.); 5. Engelbrecht, 4. Djossou; 3. De Clercq, 2. Venter, 1. Soave.

Substitutes: 16. Castant, 17. Escur, 18. Boutin, 19. Essid, 20. Queheille, 21. Fontaine, 22. Andreu, 23. Tchapnga.

Infirmary: the flanker Camille Jarreau, hit in the knee against Valence-Romans, will be absent between two and three months. Another knee injury, the second line Heath Backhouse, should return in January as flankers Luke stringer (shoulder) and Vincent Calas (knee), the latter having finished his rehabilitation at Cers de Capbreton. Winger Avenisi Vasuinubu (shoulder) is expected to miss much of the season. All other players are normally available to the coaches.

The starting XV of Bourg-en-Bresse : 15. Perrette; 14. Soubeyrand, 13. Doy, 12. Silafai-Lea’na, 11. De Fleurian; 10. Lacombe, 9. Valençot; 7.Falcoz, 8. Ioane, 6. Lyons (cap.); 5. Veyret, 4. Bloemen; 3. Tevdorashvili, 2. Jullien, 1. Bordenave.

Substitutes: 16. Dasalmartini, 17. Drancourt, 18. May, 19. Deliance, 20. Graulle, 21. Poet, 22. Baradel, 23. Champenois.

Infirmary: second line Leverstein (shoulder) and Roth (knee), flanker Jean-Etienne (ankle), center Badet (ankle) and winger Tabu are absent. Pillar Harmse started running again. Finally, the Romanian second line Antonescu – who has not yet played this season due to a pectoralis major injury – resumed collective training.

Suresnes – Chambery

The starting XV of Suresnes : 15. Geho; 14. Clement, 13. Proult, 12. Tuwai, 11. Muric; 10. Mieres; 9. Dauvergne (cap.); 7.Jazeix, 8.Claassen, 6.Desbordes; 5. Djebarri, 4. Van Leeuwen; 3.Assi, 2.ElBibouji, 1.Dycke.

Substitutes: 16. Bajart, 17. Coulibaly, 18. Yatera, 19. Vosloo, 20.Barbarit, 21. Robert, 22. Fuster, 23. Assi

Infirmary: injured at the start of the game after receiving a yellow card, the pillar Sébastien Lafrancesca should not be able to apply. The center Arthur Proult has returned from his septist getaway from the Arena Superseven and should take his place alongside Petero Tuwaï, the Fijian center who has returned to competition since last week in Bourg-en-Bresse.

The starting XV of Chambéry : 15. Dorrival; 14. Hecquet, 13. Velten, 12. Goneva, 11. Mawalu; 10. Faucher, 9. Dufau; 7. Lebian, 8. Grenot (cap.), 6.Coignat; 5. Astier, 4. Guyot; 3. Pertaia, 2. Brute de Rémur, 1.Gonzales.

Substitutes: 16. Primault, 17. Segui, 18. Cerqueira, 19. Dance, 20. Nocette, 21. Pisano, 22. Reymond, 23. Audoire.

Infirmary: openers Thibault Moreno (shoulder) and Jean-Luc Cilliers (ischios) will still have to wait to leave the infirmary, as will prop Géraud Clermont (eyesight). Scrum-half Dylan Nocette has returned to the group, which has also returned to prop Fabio Gonzales, on loan from Toulon, after a brief two-week return to his original club. The second line Steevy Cerqueira is also back after participating in the qualification of Portugal for the World Cup.


The starting XV of Nice : 15. The Gal; 14. Bureitakyaca, 13. Cutayar, 12. Fritz (cap.), 11. H.Martin; 10. Conduché, 9. Lorée; 7. Vignolles, 8. Bolenaivalu, 6. Tachat; 5. Freytes, 4. Rey; 3.Johnston, 2.Alkhazashvili, 1.Lemaire.

Substitutes: 16. K. Taofifenua, 17. Neparidze, 18. Woki, 19. Mondoulet, 20. Suaud, 21. Verdu, 22. Torfs, 23. Shatirishvili.

Infirmary: Agustin Ormaechea and Stellio Bessaguet are still being treated and will not apply. The staff renews the victorious hinge of Cognac. In front, Louis Martin and Kurt Haupt are not operational; Badri Alkhazashvili will still be a starter. Louis Suaud, who made a good comeback in the Charentes, finds the bench of substitutes. We will have to wait a little longer to see him start. note the return of Hugo Martin to the wing in place of Davide Odette, injured.

The starting XV of Blagnac : 15. Renaud; 14. Terou, 13. Labau, 12. Piron, 11. Villemur; 10. Delpy, 9. Ravier; 7. Ibanez, 8. Tolofua, 6. Vachon (cap.); 5. Rousset, 4. Bekov; 3. Lorenzon, 2. Villerouge, 1.Decaux.

Substitutes: 16. Biscioni, 17. Bertrand, 18. Mutel, 19. Perrin, 20. Seunes, 21. Vernetti, 22. Graulle, 23. Collet.

Infirmary: the pillar Trauth and the hooker Leroy Cloostermans, both affected in the hamstrings will be absent in Nice. It will be the same for the pillar Jean-Baptiste Martin (concussion). Finally, winger François Tardieu, scrum-half Pierre Ferrary and full-back Benjamin Daurau-Bedin will miss the call due to professional constraints.

Bourgoin-Jallieu – Cognac-Saint-Jean-d’Angely

The starting XV of Bourgoin-Jallieu : 15. Stamp; 14. Foliaki, 13. Bosch, 12. Sola, 11.Bouet; 10. Vuillemin, 9. Munilla; 7. Rabatel, 8. Luafutu, 6. Chaudouard; 5. L. Cotte (cap.), 4. Lavetanakoroi; 3. Simutoga, 2. Khribache, 1. Somkhishvili.

Substitutes: 16. Tripier, 17. Favaretto, 18. Kpoku, 19. Broeders, 20. Pontarollo, 21. Nicolas, 22. Patilla, 23. Yilmaz

Infirmary: if center Peter Morten should return to the field next week, his counterpart Isaiah Leota has gone back to the infirmary. Victim of a sprained ankle, he will be absent for two and a half months. Last minute package in Chambéry, Benjamin Noble is also out for the reception of Suresnes, as is hooker Kilian Tripier and third line Kévin Chaudouard.

The starting XV of Cognac-Saint-Jean-d’Angély : 15. Tuva; 14.Pageneau, 13.Lotawa, 12.Sagote, 11.Guyon; 10. Antunes, 9. Billou (cap.); 8.Manu, 7. Sordia, 6. Toevalu; 5.Praud, 4.Maninoa; 3. Sharashidze, 2. Gau, 1. Kakabadze.

Substitutes: 16. Sauzaret, 17. Tougne, 18. Thomas, 19. Hammouten, 20. Beaudon, 21. Kurubuia, 22. Boitard, 23. Kaikatsishvili.

Infirmary: already sparse, the Charente workforce deplores a large number of injuries. The third line Lucas Gulizzi (neck pain), the opener Séraphin Bordoli (calf) and the scrum half Mathis Garnier (thigh) had to withdraw for this trip to Isère.


The starting XV of Narbonne : 15. Homer; 14. PH Ducom, 13. Nueno, 12. Lima, 11.E. Ducom; 10. Chauvet, 9. Nova; 6. Mountain, 8. Nakobukobua, 7. Belzons (cap.); 5. Rebusone, 4. Sese; 3. Loudet, 2. David, 1. Abadie.

Substitutes: 16. Rochier, 17. Moise, 18. Plaza, 19. Maga, 20. Kaiser, 21. Santoro, 22. Lebraud, 23. Castinel.

Infirmary: injuries have accumulated on the side of the forwards and the match against Blagnac still left its mark with the loss of Bill Caffo, who suffered a broken finger. The third line is added to the long list of Clauzade (knee) which is being recovered, as are Christienne (fractured finger), Nouhaillaguet (back), Madaule and Abescat-Leroy (cruciate ligaments). At the backs, Kane (back) has resumed training as has Auradou (muscle injury), who could return to the starting XV soon.

The starting XV of Rennes : 15. Soto, 14. Brignonen, 13. A. François, 12. Lopez Bontempo, 11. R.François, 10. Ollion, 9. Jeune-Joly 7. Cazette, 8. Di Salvatore, 6. Gazin, 5. Gueroult (cap.), 4. Fromenteze, 3.Quérin, 2. Fau, 1. Le Jallé.

Substitutes: 16. Strippoli, 17. Fontaine or Ulutuipalelei, 18. Quesmel, 19. Beraud, 20. Leroyer, 21. Lepresle, 22. Nicoué, 23. Pupuma.

Infirmary: the second line Pierre Algans (knee) unfortunately ended his season. Center Ryan Dubois is injured in an ankle and fly-half Joaquín Díaz Luzzi is not yet ready to make his debut. Pedro Ortega (quadriceps) is in the recovery phase like Leeming (concussion), Muzzio, Tuugahala and Danielli. Lepresle is restored.

Dax – Hyères-Carqueiranne-La Crau

The starting XV of Dax : 15. Duprat; 14. Gatelier, 13. Fourquet, 12. Bolakoro, 11.Marta or Dechavanne; 10. Cherry tree 9. Garrouteigt; 7.Ausset 8. Luamanu, 6. Tremeau; 5. Gaune, 4. Bidau; 3. Dréan, 2.Delonca (cap.), 1.Faitotoa.

Substitutes: 16. Levi, 17. Mary, 18. Loiret, 19. Doucouré, 20.Reteau, 21. Berchesi, 22. Bouche, 23 Pelmard.

Infirmary: Captain Aletti received a blue card in Valencia, for a suspected concussion and will be rested. With a third yellow taken in Valencia, Ferrer is suspended. Mchedlidze (knee) and Pilati (Achilles tendon) are unavailable. The pillar Ferreira, back from selection, is at rest. Unlike his compatriot Rodrigo Marta, who could start on the wing.

The starting XV of Hyères-Carqueiranne: 15. Lovers; 14.Smith, 13.Sage, 12.Raikuna, 11.Radevokula; 10. Munro, 9. Dubie; 7.Nowicki, 8. Ormea, 6. Munoz (cap.); 5.D’Hooghe, 4. Son-in-law; 3. Mchedlidze, 2. Tabarot, 1. Serra-Miglietti.

Substitutes: 16. Tyumenev, 17. Oviedo or Hendricks, 18. Nouhaillaguet, 19. Beaumont, 20. Bourgier, 21. Defrance, 22. Levêque, 23. Burtila or Reggiardo.

Infirmary: the pillar Mathieu (ankle), the second line Damiani (Achilles heel) and the third line Chirica (concussion) join the long list of injured. Props Lucien (shoulder) and Uhila (calf), hooker Huggett (cruciate ligament), flankers Lavocat (knee) and Gorin (shoulder) and fly-half Melinte (elbow) are still in the infirmary. Hendricks (back) is doubtful.

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