the night heating of hot water tanks is a “great success”, hails Enedis

The power cut to certain hot water tanks remotely via Linky meters is in effect until April 15, 2023.

The temporary device consisting in staggering the heating of the water balloons hot is “a great success“Because it allows to postpone during the night the equivalent of the electricity consumption of Paris, welcomed Wednesday Enedis, which manages the electricity distribution network in France.

One month after the implementation of this energy sobriety measure, Enedis has observed a smoothing of electricity consumption peaks in the middle of the day, saving 2.4 gigawatts (GW), the equivalent of the consumption of a city ​​like Parisat the time of the peak, according to his statement. “It’s considerable“, greeted on France Bleu the operations and systems manager at Enedis, Thierry Sudret, speaking of “a great successclose to the expected 2.5 GW.

It was triggered by Enedis via its Linky smart meters, at the request of RTE (the high voltage line manager) and the public authorities. “It now contributes to the essential maintenance of the electricity supply-demand balance ensured by RTE in order to avoid having to resort to temporary cuts in the context of unprecedented uncertainties linked to the current energy crisis.“, specified Enedis.

Validated by the State after a ministerial decree of September 22, this measure will be applied until April 15 to 4.3 million Enedis customers.

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