“The next I’ll do it to myself”: Michel Sardou’s shock outing about cyclists creates controversy

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Comments by Michel Sardou, guest of France 2 this Sunday, November 13, created controversy on social networks. In question: a shock exit on cyclists.

A sentence that does not pass. Invited to the France 2 program “8:30 p.m. on Sunday” this Sunday, November 13, Michel Sardou caused an uproar on the web. In question: a shock exit on cyclists.

Asked to say if he thought the world was “better before”, the interpreter of the Illness of love was first shown to be rather calm. “Yes, I have good memories” replied the artist. “It was as bad before as today. There were strikes, the war, problems with money…” Before skidding, with a smirk: “well, we weren’t bored on the highways . We could go as fast as we wanted.”

It was better before :
“There weren’t the bikes that I can’t stand, here they are, they all run through the red lights, the next one I do it to myself”
Michel Sardou

If you were also shocked by his remarks, you can report them to#ARCOM I will show you how: 1/4 pic.twitter.com/bNpV3NEKR1

— Altis u25b7 (@AlTi5) November 14, 2022

“There were no scooters that really ‘broke’ them to me, and especially no bicycles, which I can’t stand. They all run red lights… The next one, I do it to myself!”, Launched the singer in front of a stunned Laurent Delahousse.

Since then, the release has set social networks ablaze. Internet users see it as a gratuitous call to violence, while others point to the singer’s lack of environmental consideration.

Regarding Michel Sardou’s cyclocide outing, I would gladly bet a bag of patches that, like so many of his motorized fellows, this “man of the 80s” is unaware of the meaning of this small sign that appeared on the lights from 2010. .. pic.twitter.com/lXnOQrtwxd

— Florian Gouthière (@Curiolog) November 14, 2022

Some twittos also denounced the silence of Laurent Delahousse, and announced to seize the Regulatory Authority for Audiovisual and Digital Communication (Arcom).

@LaurentDelahous say Mr. Delahousse you could have reacted to the remarks made by Michel Sardou, right?. Unless “who says nothing, consents”.

— VelociraptoR (@Lorenzodelafue2) November 14, 2022

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