The incredible revelation of Nelson Monfort

The emblematic journalist of France Televisions evoked his other passion of youth with Frédéric Lopez.

Retirement is approaching for Nelson Monfort. After 35 years in the sports department of France Télévisions, the journalist indeed explained at the beginning of the summer that the Paris Olympic Games would undoubtedly mark the end of his career at the microphone of the public service. ” I have my sights set on the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. I think it might be a nice way to bow out for the first time, but not definitively. In any case, having to leave France Télévisions. I will not cling to the branches. I think I’ve come a long way so far “, he had thus confided to the microphone of Chez Jordan.

Nelson Monfort will then have the opportunity to return to his first love. The emblematic polyglot has indeed explained to the microphone of Frédéric Lopez that he had, younger, another passion: music. So much so that he played in a boy-band as evidenced by the photo found by the presenter of A Sunday in the Country where we can see a teenager Nelson Monfort, in marcel, the hair provided and a microphone in hand .

I actually had two passions, I’m a singer-guitarist, even if I don’t dare say that too much in front of Slimane (another guest on the show) “, he confided. ” And then you don’t say to yourself like Slimane “is that what I want to do? » », then asked Frédéric Lopez. To which Nelson Monfort replied: “Exactly so, I tell myself”specifying: “I would have liked the song a lot.”

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