the heartbreak of supporters in Qatar

WORLD CUP – For Argentinian, Mexican or Tunisian supporters, the watchword was the same at the opening of this World Cup 2022, Sunday November 20 in Qatar: find the “official” beer of this World Cup. And nothing could hinder their desire, not even the queue… or the price of the pint.

Following the decision by the organizers to no longer sell beers around the stadiums but only in the fanzones, the moment was awaited by many supporters but also a large number of media who came to immortalize the first sips.

On the eve of opening game between Qatar and Ecuador, the fanzone of the Fifa opened its doors on Saturday shortly after 4 p.m. (local time). Three hours later, the Budweiser stands opened in Al Bidda Park in Doha.

desolation but consolation

Greg Krawiec, 31, an American supporter of Poland, had promised the journalists on the spot that he would be among the first in front of the red tents of the American brewer. It was. “It’s a bit heartbreaking because I like to drink a beer when I watch sports but that won’t take away the interest in the tournament”he added under his red and white wig.

“We want the World Cup to be festive and beer helps to have fun, but we have to adapt”, abounds Alan Sanchez, 30, under his Mexican sombrero. Juan Alvarez didn’t hesitate to line up and balanced twelve beers bought for 50 Qatari riyals (just over 13 euros) each; a price similar to those practiced in international hotels and higher than initially mentioned by the organizers.

But this supporter did not pay his beer so expensive as that since the price of a pint could go from 10 and 15 € in fanzones and up to 17 € in hotels reports the FSA, association of football supporters. It specifies, however, that “happy hours” will be organized with a price around 8 €.

If some were able to sip their pint in the fanzones, this was not the case for the supporters who came to watch the opening match between Ecuador and Qatar. A video made the rounds on social networks showing Ecuadorian supporters demanding in the stands “Queremos cerveza, queremos cerveza! or “We want beer!” “. Faced with the ban on the sale of alcohol in the stadiums during the tournament, the supporters did not hesitate to shout their dissatisfaction.

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