The fake World Cup?

As a result of a hasty draw, the next World Cup would not be fair according to an Irish journalist.

Less than a year from its World Cup, France continues to establish its status as favorite. His two successes against Australia and South Africa, which bring his series of consecutive victories to 12, reinforce his certainties a little more. But the Blues are not the only ones who can be ambitious. It is the same for Ireland, which still dominates the IRB ranking, for South Africa, which held the shock against the Blues or for the inevitable New Zealand, certainly less imperial than in the past.

Problem for Peter Jackson, journalist at theIrish Times, the four nations, who occupy the first four places in the IRB rankings, have been placed in Groups A and B and will meet from the quarter-finals. According to him, this World Cup would therefore be “distorted”. The fault, according to him, of a draw made in December 2020, that is to say almost three years before the start of the competition.

The example of football

The four seeds were then designated on the basis of the classification of the 2019 World Cup in Japan, allowing South Africa, New Zealand but also England and Wales to be protected. Since then, the Welsh have lost their luster and only point to the 7e place in the IRB ranking. Which is worth to pool C, which includes, in addition to Wales, Australia, Fiji, Georgia and a last nation to be determined, to be according to Peter Jackson, the weakest group in the history of the competition, with potentially no nation among the top six in the IRB rankings.

Conversely, Pool B will be of a level rarely seen according to him, with Ireland, South Africa but also a Scotland in full revival and capable of going the distance against New Zealand (23- 31). “The mess could have easily been avoided by delaying the draw. The 2023 Rugby World Cup would thus have avoided putting the four main favorites in the same part of the table. he insisted, taking the example of the Football World Cup, the draw of which was held just a few months before the start of the competition.

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