the dancer does not hide his annoyance

The new season of star Academy is slowly coming to an end. This Saturday will already take place the semi-final of the competition live on TF1. The pressure is then at its height for the six students still in the running and it has gone up a notch at the time of the evaluations. The latter were a bit special since a first finalist was designated. His five comrades are all nominated for the next bonus.

To stand out, they each had to offer a song of their choice before interpreting it in their own way. They also had to prepare a free performance, theatrical, dance, or even a poem to tell the way they perceived their adventure. Director Michaël Goldman notably insisted on the fact that they expected candidates to deliver a service that reflects their image.

In the daily TF1 Wednesday, November 16, a summary of these assessments was offered to viewers. The opportunity to see that the passage of Enola particularly pleased the teachers. And for good reason, the young woman almost achieved a faultless performance by singing on a very difficult title by Barbra Streisand before embarking on the reading of a poem written by her. Yanis Marshall could not contain his excitement at the end of his passage, going so far as to applaud the…

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