“The confrontation between Hanouna and Boyard exposes our system”

Cyril Hanouna, here in 2021. - Credit:JOEL SAGET / AFP

Cyril Hanouna, here in 2021. – Credit:JOEL SAGET / AFP

Politics of the clash, drift of the debate, imposture of the representation… The former deputy and essayist draws the lessons of this televisual pass of arms.

François Cornut-Gentille was LR deputy for Haute-Marne for nearly twenty years and long mayor of Saint-Dizier. He has also published several essays, including Point stressed the importance, in particular Knowing in order to be able, getting out of democratic impotence (Gallimard, 2021). The Hanouna-Boyard incidentinterspersed with insults uttered by the presenter against the deputy LFI, former columnist of the show Do not touch My TV of the same Hanouna, is for him first and foremost the symptom of an infernal spiral in which we have all been drawn for a long time. But it also gives him the opportunity to give his analysis on the fate reserved for the debate, whether political or not, as well as for representation.

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François Cornut-Gentille, former LR deputy for Haute-Saône.

Le Point: Is the altercation between Louis Boyard and Cyril Hanouna the last episode of a role-playing game in the television arena or have we crossed a red line?

Francois Cornut-Gentille: I won’t talk about a red line, but about a sequence that reveals something that we undergo all year round without being able to fully understand. We are dealing with two smart people from the political and media system caught at their own game. Today, for the media who are in the immediacy as for the politicians, everything is linked to the impact, to the buzz provoked. The clash is presented there as the expression of a disagreement on divergent approaches, even excessive, it would express the vitality of the debate. cell […] Read more

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