“The biggest violence of this part of my life”

Christopher Willem in

Christophe Willem in “A Sunday in the countryside” on France 2. – France 2

This Sunday, November 20, Frédéric Lopez presented a new number of his show Sunday in the countryside on France 2. The host received Julie de Bona, Jean-Pierre Elkabbach and Christophe Willem. All of them returned to the highlights of their lives.

During the show, Christophe Willem spoke about his adolescence which corresponds to a chaotic period of his life. “It was awful, he acknowledged. I was very stigmatized. My voice was much higher than it is today.” During his teenage years, Christophe Willem was bullied at school because of his effeminate voice. “There’s always a feminine side to me which is very present and which has never been embarrassing. At 11, you are called a fag, a whole bunch of words when you have no sexuality. The most big violence of this part of my life, it is the feeling of loneliness when you are insulted, beaten up…”

Supervisors told me: ‘Yes but at the same time, it’s true that you are effeminate

Faced with Julie de Bona, Frédéric Lopez and Jean-Pierre Elkabbach, Christophe Willem returned to a traumatic episode of his adolescence: “I remember really violent scenes where I went to see supervisors and they said to me: ‘Yes but at the same time it’s true that you are effeminate.’ So I was basically told, ‘It’s your fault.'” The college years at…

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