The Best Pastry Chef – “The undrinkable thing”, “The cake looks so dry”, “it looks very heavy”: the Mercotte test cake disgusts internet users

Mercotte's proof does not sit well with internet users.

Mercotte’s test does not please Internet users.

This Wednesday, November 23, Le Meilleur Pâtissier takes us to Spain with a week dedicated to the pastries of this country. Like every week, Mercotte concocts a recipe to make for the candidates. Internet users, in addition to finding it unachievable, do not find the cake to their liking and have made it clear on Twitter.

After the week dedicated to Hollywood, here is the theme of the Best Pastry Chef this Wednesday, November 23: Spain. Manon, Benjamin, Cléo, Adelina and Nils are the last candidates still in contention and the level is higher and higher. From now on, every detail counts and a failure can have serious consequences for them. During the first event of this episode, participants must revisit the famous churros. A particularly appetizing test which will be passed by Manon and Benjamin.

On the other hand, the second test does not turn out to be as attractive. Like every week, candidates must make a pastry following a recipe written by Mercotte. This test is known to be technical, difficult to pass and with sometimes catastrophic results. November 23 is no exception. The objective was to make a cake made from nougat, white chocolate and a large piece of nougatine supposed to represent the Sagrada Familia.

The minute of Marie Portolano

An unappetizing cake

If the recipe is followed to perfection, the cake should look like the famous Spanish basilica, with its stained glass windows and towers. But seeing the result of that of Mercotte, Internet users were not convinced, on the contrary. Many were disgusted at the sight of this dessert.

The visual of the cake is not the only thing that shocked Internet users. The difficulty of the test was also questioned. Indeed, part of the recipe was written in Spanish and another part required some math skills. For some, the simple fact of making the Sagrada Familia in nougatine seemed excessive. Finally, as for the first test, Benjamin and Manon’s cakes stood out. At the end of the show, Cléo was eliminated and had to say goodbye to her comrades who had been by her side for 12 weeks.

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