the 20 funniest tweets about these wacky facts that drove internet users crazy

There are sometimes situations in front of which we remain stunned, remarks that we hear and from which we cannot come back. And if we sometimes tend to say that it “shocked” us, there is another one expression that everyone seems to have been using wrongly and through for years: I dream. We have therefore selected you 20 tweets of Internet users who have “dreamed“for surprising, if not completely crazy, reasons.


I dream, they took my cassava flour for cocaine again

February 12, 2021


Ptdrrr wsh my driving school has closed and they wrote for everyone “no need to complain for your money it’s a waste of time” but I dream

September 29, 2022


Ptddddr but it’s open corruption or I’m dreaming

June 15, 2022


am I dreaming or is it a good doggie cat version?

December 20, 2018


No but I’m dreaming #RERB

March 7, 2022


Am I dreaming or is the bear doing karate?

July 18, 2022


I dream or the fork is Koba la D

May 17, 2019


No but am I dreaming or what

December 31, 2018


I’m dreaming where he did a chest check there?

June 29, 2022


I dream where a pigeon laid an egg in my balcony there

May 7, 2020


I dream or this human is the perfect fusion between RebeuDeter and Mohamed Henni

June 16, 2022


Am I dreaming or did she try to use the dark side of the force against a cop?

October 29, 2019


She copied Rihanna’s Man Down or I dream mdrrrr

August 24, 2022


But I dream or at the end he says “painful the Arabs”

July 18, 2022


XPTDDDDDDRRRRRRR but behind the glass there’s a prisoner who eats a right there I’m not dreaming?????

December 31, 2020


Am I dreaming or are they hitting their best bar while playing with their navel?

October 17, 2019


she talks about brother jacques where i dream

December 25, 2018


Jv to die, there’s a gentleman he almost fell in the metro, didn’t he want to hold on to my hair??? I dream

July 2, 2021


I dream or he gives advice to cr7 to shoot well it’s sick

September 12, 2021


He muscles his dance steps or am I dreaming there? Mdrrrrrr

August 13, 2018

And since everyone seems to be dreaming, a little top tweets about waking up will do you good!

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