Test: Only Pentiment Passes It

Andreas Maler is at the end of his companionship, and to be honest, he is in a bit of a mess. Like a drifting Erasmus student, he has been dragging his feet across Europe for years, seeking in his Wanderjahre – his wandering years – to accumulate enough inspiration to fuel his artistic life to come. Because yes, Andreas Maler is an artist. For months, he has been working on his masterpiece: a book of hours, a liturgical work which he composes, illustrates and writes with the financial support of the local abbey and under the supervision of a very old monk who has, it’s funny, no longer really any vision. In short, his work is coming to an end and soon, Andreas Maler will have to resign himself to returning to his laughing Nuremberg where his family and Sabine are waiting for him, a woman who is promised to him and who is apparently very nice, but who Andreas is in no real hurry to marry. With the prospect of an arranged marriage, he still prefers the routine life of Kiersau. As Wikipedia would tell you, we are talking here about a Benedictine abbey lost in the middle of the German countryside, and since we are in the middle of the 16th century, apart from killing yourself working in the fields or gossiping about the neighbors, there is no not much to do in the area. Fortunately, there is still the sanctuary to attract a few people. Besides, the story of Penance begins one fine morning with the arrival of a wealthy traveler who has come to pray to the relics of Saint Moritz. The inhabitants of the village are accustomed to seeing pilgrims parade, but this one has something special. Since he took up residence in the nearby inn, things have been happening. A muted revolt rumbles among the peasants. Mysterious and threatening notes appear everywhere. And above all, there was a murder. It happened in the abbey, in broad daylight. The abbot has found a bloody body on the cold slabs of the chapel and next to him, a monk whom all circumstances overwhelm. Andreas Maler is convinced that this monk is innocent and Andreas Maler does not really want to finish his work. So Andreas Maler will lead the investigation.

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