Team France – EdF: Kimpembe package, Umtiti is concerned

Presnel Kimpembe has made the decision to give up participating in the World Cup with the France team. Blame it on an Achilles heel injury.

Another blow for theFrench team before the 2022 World Cup in Qatar with the package of Presnel Kimpembe. The world champion, not sufficiently recovered from his Achilles heel injury, preferred to give up. It was Axel Disasi who took advantage of this with a last-minute call to join the Blues group. Kimpembe, if he was not part of the France team in 2018, had since taken the lead and intended to play this World Cup in the shoes of a holder. But it will be otherwise. And the reasons for his withdrawal despite a return to competition this Sunday against Auxerre, can be explained. In any case, this is the opinion of Adrien Chantegrelet.

Kimpembe, the choice of reason

On the antenna France Blue Paris, the journalist indeed gave his analysis of the situation. According to him, Kimpembe did not want to do a Samuel Umtiti in particular. โ€œThis World Cup, he wanted to play it as a manager. In 2018, he was more of an accompanist, the guy for the enclosure and the match against Denmark. But there, he wanted to compete in the World Cup as a holder. Deschamps has absolute confidence in him, he had given him the captain’s armband in June. (…) I think that Kimpembe did not want to make an Umtiti by betting everything on a competition and that behind, he did not have the assurance of coming back 100% “, said Adrien Chantegrelet, who hopes to see a Kimpembe quickly return to form, especially for the deadlines that will await PSG in 2023. The France team, which is advancing in uncertainty, will take off on Wednesday for Qatar. The first meeting of the world champions will be November 22 against Australia. Watch out for the trap for the Blues…

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