Table football, alcohol, the cultural delirium of the start-up. Adhere to the company’s “fun & pro” values.

Drinking in the evening with colleagues and drinking like holes to look “cool” playing table football instead of working, and looking learnedly very busy, that’s the daily life in today’s societies even more so. which are a bit “start-up”. The only one who understands the current frenzy is Elon Musk, who fired most of the alcoholic players from Twitter’s foosball team, and you know what?

Twitter continues to work!

It is to say the confusion which reigns in the spirits.

Here, this legal news item perfectly illustrates what I want to tell you.

“The Court of Cassation has just partially annulled a dismissal following the “critical behavior of the employee and his refusal to accept the company’s policy based on incitement to various excesses” such as excessive alcoholism during kickbacks week.
An employee who does not take part in all the aperitifs organized by his employer or who criticizes the excessive alcohol consumption of the teams during these “moments of conviviality” cannot be dismissed for this “.

Hang on, the dictatorship of “cool” is reaching heights of cretinism!

“A little reminder of the facts. The employee in question was hired in 2011 by the company Cubik Partners, as a senior consultant, then promoted to director in 2014. He was dismissed a year later for “professional incompetence” and in particular his refusal to adhere to the value ” “fun & pro” of the company.

In this judgment, the magistrates indeed considered “that the dismissal (is) intervened because of the exercise by the employee of his freedom of expression; that the Court of Appeal found that Mr T. could not be blamed for his lack of integration of the “fun & pro” value of the company”.

This value was reflected, according to the Court, “by the necessary participation in seminars and weekend drinks, frequently generating excessive alcoholism encouraged by the associates who made available very large quantities of alcohol, and by practices advocated by the associates linking promiscuity, bullying and incitement to various excesses and excesses”.

And yes, when you are too “start-up” you become too “fun & pro” pro… alcohol of course. And when we drink too much, the behavior often becomes outrageous and it has no place in business, but we are in times of great confusion which generate immense mental and moral suffering.

The only way to protect oneself from all this is to live, in a certain way on the margins or on the back of this sick society.

This is exactly what I do, and from the top of my Norman attic, in the calm of my countryside and the softness of the crackling fire, the cackle of hens and the purring cat, I contemplate the sinking of this world and the madness that spreads, day after day.

Take care of yourself.

Protect yourself.

Protect your soul.

Charles SANNAT

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