Star Academy producer shares what really happened after Nikos Aliagas fell

This Wednesday, November 30, Mathieu Vergne took stock of the Star Academy. The producer also took the opportunity to return to the fall of Nikos Aliagas which occurred on November 12 in the prime of the show.

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On October 15, TF1 reopened the doors of the star Academy after years of absence from the screens. The opportunity for viewers to find Nikos Aliagas to the presentation, but also to get to know the 13 new students of this class of 2022. Each week, the academicians passed evaluations in front of the teachers in the hope then of not being part of the nominees. At the end of each bounty, eliminations took place. friend has been the first to leave the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys. Cenzo and Ahcene followed, as Carl and Paola during a special “linked destinies” week. Stanislas and Julian left at the gates of the semi-final of the star Academy. Then Tiana and Chris failed to secure their place for the final, eliminated a week before the last round of the competition.

Back to the injury of Nikos Aliagas in the middle of the bonus star Academy

Last Saturday, Léa, Louis, Anisha and Enola faced each other for the grand finale of the Star Academy. After the eliminations of Léa and Louis, Anisha and Enola gave everything to collect a maximum of votes from the public. At the end of a crazy evening when Robbie Williamsthe godfather of the seasonperformed with each of the two finalists, it is Anisha who was crowned winner. Nikos Aliagas was present to give him his trophy, a few weeks after being the victim of a heavy fall on the set of the show, on November 12th. An accident which did not allow him to present the following Saturday the 24th edition of the NRJ Music Awards at Cannes. In the podcast How Are You? available this Wednesday, November 30, Maxime Riou was able to speak with Mathieu Vergnethe producer of the star Academy. The opportunity for him to take stock of this 2022 edition, but also to come back in more detail to what happened to Nikos Aliagas that evening.

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It was a fall of 1m40…

When we were informed of this in management, we immediately arrived on the set. He was really pissed off. He had trouble walking sounded especially because it was a fall of 1m40. It’s still a big fall when you’re not ready (…) and you’re surprised“, he said. After the show was over, the host went to do checkups to see if anything had broken or fractured.”There are little things in the foot, small cartilages that are a little cracked, but there is nothing serious. On the other hand, it will be very long at the muscular level so that he no longer suffers.“, said the producer. He then put a stop to the rumors that suggested that Nikos Aliagas allegedly pretended to fall to allow at Camille Combal to present the NRJ Music Awards. “This show is important to him because he wanted to do everything. It came at the worst time. It was a very busy week where he had the NRJ Music Awards, Star Academy, The Voice starting Monday and Tuesday and 50 minutes inside in between. He had to make a decision. For his health and to ensure the two big shows that are The Voice and Star Academy, he had to ignore the NRJ Music Awards“, he explained.

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