Sophie Tapie in a relationship with a sportsman much younger than her, she finally talks about their age difference!

Show his love? Rather twice than once! Since being officially separated from her husband, Jean-Mathieu Marinetti, whom she married in August 2020 after five years of love, Sophie Tapie has fallen for another man. A sportsman well known to rugby fans since he is the young Baptiste Germain, who plays as a scrum half at Stade Toulousain. November 21, 2022, precisely, is an important day for the couple, as we have seen on social networks. The sportsman celebrates his birthday on Monday, he who was born in the year 2000 … twelve years after his darling.

No wonder they spend the day together. Sophie Tapie and Baptiste Germain have not left each other for weeks. They’ve come up with a funny nickname, since they call each other “My Lobster” – that’s to say “My lobster“, inspired, perhaps, by the film by Yórgos Lánthimos dating from 2015 – and they have actually moved in together, in Biarritz, in the new apartment of the rugby player. They could even soon appear side by side on the screen since he whispers that the couple would star in the film’s sequel 3 zeros by Fabien Onteniente. But while waiting for them to respond, and even think about working hand in hand, it’s time to celebrate!

The two of us against the rest of the world

On her Instagram account, Sophie Tapie declared her love for Baptiste Germain…

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