Smart’s next SUV will be huge

The latest innovations from the Smart brand, formerly dedicated to micro-city cars, frankly move away from the original philosophy of this company aimed at urban mobility above all. New SUV #1 recently tested by the editorial staff of Caradisiac is indeed 4.27 meters long, which places it at the level of a Peugeot 2008.

Can we still call it "Smart" ?
Can we still call it “Smart”?

And that’s just the beginning: the Smart #3 that you can already admire in photos thanks to the presentation of the Chinese Ministry of Industry will be even bigger. Quite similar in style to #1 but with a “four-door coupé” profile, it will measure 4.44 meters in length, which is exactly the size of a Peugeot 3008. Rather ironic when you remember that the founding slogan of the Smart brand was “reduce to the max”…

Over 400 horsepower under the hood

Taking up the platform of the Smart #1, the #3 will develop, like the latter, 272 horsepower in its basic version and more than 400 horsepower in its top-of-the-range twin-engine Brabus variant. It should also use its 66 kWh batteries, allowing #1 a maximum range of more than 400 kilometers. Just presented in China, this Smart #3 should arrive in Europe by next year. Remember that the Smart brand is now 50% owned by Geely, following the Chinese group’s rise in the capital of Mercedes-Benz in 2018.

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