Sick, Celine Dion makes a disturbing confession because of her “health problems”

published on November 18, 2022

Celine Dion is currently experiencing “health problems”, which prevent her from carrying out her projects. His arranger Erick Benzi, however, assures that the situation “is improving”.

Celine Dion’s agenda is likely to be busy for 2023, between the resumption of her tour Courageof which he still has about fifty dates to perform, his visits to Prague at the end of February then to Old plows in July, as well as its six other dates set in Paris for September. Without forgetting the release of the film love againscheduled for early June, in which she should play and sing.

But the singer’s big comeback will be sooner than that, as she will unveil a new version of The memory of Abraham, title that will appear on the tracklist of an album paying homage to Jean-Jacques Goldman. But if it was initially planned that she reinterpret this piece, the latter was finally reworked by the arranger Erick Benzi who managed to find old voices taken from the Canadian singer to reinvent the song.

Not in good enough shape yet
“I searched through the tracks I had and was able to extract a voice track that is unheard of. It was all a process. Once I made the arrangement and put the voice on it, it was back and forth with her three, four times to validate the sound, the little details she wanted, and then the level of vocals versus the instrumentation,” he explained at the microphone of RTL.

But then why did the 54-year-old star not directly put her voice on the song? It would seem that she meets “health issues” for some time, as Erick Benzi has mentioned. “It’s getting better, it takes time, it’s not easy, she told me ‘I’m not ready to sing’, I didn’t insist on asking her ‘what’s going on? ‘”, he clarified, adding that because of these “vocal worries“, she was therefore “not yet fit enough to do anything“. Of the “muscle spasms and persistent”, as her sister Claudette recently explained, which prevents her from using her voice as she wishes.

It remains to be seen whether the situation will improve for her by 2023, before all the deadlines that await her. In any case, that’s all the harm we can wish him!

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