She reveals her terrible secret!

Do not fight too much. Mylène Farmer, who very rarely confides in the press, was already saying this a decade ago. “I will know when the moment will come when it will be necessary to leave before we get tired”, she breathed in Paris Match.

This fear of repeating himself and disappointing his fans has always been his primary concern. His mantra. It is therefore with a mixed feeling of excitement and stress that the singer is making her big comeback, four years after the release of Désobéissance, her previous album. “I can’t wait to find the public, even if I’m still very anxious not to be up to their expectations”, assures Mylène in the last issue of the Sunday newspaper.

It is this Friday that will be marketed The influencehis twelfth studio album, two excerpts of which are already online: For ever and green ray (in duet with the rock band AaRON). And even if the first downloads and pre-sales of the CD augur that it will be a success, she feels stage fright rising. But nothing is prohibited. “I am free to reinvent myself, to cross paths with talented people who enrich me intellectually, artistically or simply humanly”, she engages in the JDD.

The stakes are high. In addition to offering new songs, this beast of the stage will begin a major stadium tour from June 2023. Baptized Nevermore (“never again”), it is already full and intriguing.

Will she really be the last of the lasts? Mylène kicks into touch. “I live in the present moment and refuse to project myself. The icon is more verbose when it comes to evoking the disenchanted era we are currently going through. “It’s hard not to be flabbergasted by this period when we are witnessing the end of a world,” she analyzes. This creates a great void and mental chaos. A new world is looming, the outlines of which are not well known. The only certainty is that the passage from one world to another risks being violent. It’s very distressing. For some “the why good” is predominant. For others, it’s the desire for freedom, to get rid of everything. And for many, the cold and terrible fear of tomorrow. As for me, there is also introspection. With this essential question: “What is important in my life?” For a long time, I was unable to write a single word… I was thinking of stopping everything. Then it happened all of a sudden. I was like the rising tide. »

If Mylène therefore did not say her last evils, she nevertheless revealed a very personal secret, an intimate choice ultimately not so surprising because in line with her line of conduct concerning “the fight too much”: the use of euthanasia . “I have been sensitive to this subject for a very long time, she confides in the JDD. A few years ago, I met Marie de Hennezel, an incredible woman, devoted to these people who need so much to be supported and accompanied. So yes, asking that we “assist my end of life” is what I would like for me. » The psychotherapist, whose essay Intimate Death (ed. Robert Laffont) had upset Mylène at the time of its publication in 1995, confirmed having had discussions with the star. “I remember that Mylène Farmer had read my book and had me invited to Already Sunday, Jean-Luc Delarue’s show, then we had lunch at her house. I have not forgotten ! tweeted Marie de Hennezel.

We imagine that at the time, the two women discussed at length on this subject of society, the decriminalization of which is also close to the heart of Line Renaud… a close friend of Mylène. It is perhaps not for nothing that the singer talks about it today without counterfeiting.


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