she bursts into tears in “Telematin”!

A sequence that moved France 2 viewers. This Tuesday, November 22, 2022, while Julia Vignali and Thomas Sotto co-hosted a new issue of “Télématin”, the journalist was suddenly taken by emotion!

The reason ? Kad Merad’s companion received a longtime collaborator on her set for the simple reason that it was her last day on the show. Brigitte, one of the make-up artists of “Télématin”, therefore left behind the scenes to appear in front of the cameras of the morning program.

Invited to sit alongside the two hosts, the make-up artist struggled to hold back her tears… Enough to trigger those of Julia Vignali who immediately burst into tears: “Brigitte is our makeup artist. She leaves Télématin. Wait, if Brigitte starts crying, I can’t… ”, she let go, her voice hoarse with the tears that were rising.

Subsequently, Julia Vignali and Thomas Sotto hastened to kiss Brigitte… And in an attempt to console the two women, the host even tried a little. After having generously kissed the make-up artist on the set, Thomas Sotto tried his face with his faces to prove that “without Brigitte every morning, (he) no longer looks like anything! »

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